Vol. LXII • No. 2/2010
Education Under Time Pressure
Gabriel Albu
Postmodernism and the Educational Ideal Issue
Emil Stan*, Cristina Safta **, Mihaela Suditu ***
Building National Unity and Curriculum Uniqueness in the European Context
Roxana Enache
Educational Partnerships - a Solution of Evolution of the Romanian Education System
Alina Gabriela Brezoi
Universities and the Labour Market - Current Trends. Case Study - Petroleum-Gas University of Ploieşti
Emil Stan*, Mihaela Suditu**, Cristina Safta***
Teachers' Satisfaction with Life, Emotional Intelligence and Stress Reactions
Aurora Adina Ignat
Teacher Education Postgraduate Studies in Greece: Current Issues and Academic Trends
Vassiliki Papadopoulou*, Konstantinos Arsenis**, Aristotelis Zmas***
Pedagogical Competencies Development from Pre-service to In-Service Training (needs assessment for primary and preschool teachers)
Otilia Clipa*, Aurora Adina Ignat**
Vygotsky on Art and Psychology - Implications for (Re)framing Teacher Education
Mihaela Mitescu Lupu
The Basics of Non-Learning: Are They Set In Elementary Grades?
Singer, Florence Mihaela*; Sarivan, Ligia**
Integrating Technology in the Classroom: A Teacher Training Programe Experience
Gabriela Nausica Noveanu
A New Approach to Non-Formal Education
Roxana Enache
School-Family Partnership - A Real Need of The Present Society
Adina Pescaru
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Special Educational Needs Label
Alina Mărgăriţoiu
Second-order False Belief Attribution in Children with Non-specific Intellectual Disabilities and Down Syndrome: Social-cognitive Profile Research and Educational Planning Challenges
Stergiani Giaouri*, Anastasia Alevriadou **
Advantages and Limits of Computer Based Speech Therapy System
Doina Maria Schipor*, Ovidiu Andrei Schipor, Ştefan Gheorghe Pentiuc
The Partnership in Inclusive School - Truth and Challenge
Alina Mărgăriţoiu
Developmental Metacognition: Aspects in Young Children
Cristian Vasile
Linking Cognition and Motivation in Adolescents with ID: The Zeigarnik Effect Paradigm
Anastasia Alevriadou
Mental Workload: Cognitive Aspects and Personality
Cristian Vasile
Adolescents' Status and Hostile Behaviour
Simona Georgiana Eftimie
Self Esteem on Aggressive Adolescents
Simona Eftimie *, Simona Ionescu **
Considerations on Creativity Motivation
Tiberiu-Octavian Cujbă
Why Do High Ability Children Need Psychopedagogical Counseling?
Teodora Drăghicioiu
Hope: An Exploration of the Experiences of Client and Counsellor in the Counselling Relationship
John Prysor-Jones
Career Counseling at Romanian Universities Level: Management by Whose Objectives?
Nicoleta Lițoiu
Drinking and Alcohol-Related Harm Among Adolescents and Young Adults: International Findings
Barry L. Jackson
Prevention and Reduction of Factors that Determine Risk Behaviour in Children whose Parents Are Gone Abroad to Work or Orphans with Parents
Anice Gabriela Drăgoi
Child Endangerment and Family Substance Use: Research Findings and Intervention Implications
Barry L. Jackson
Present-Absent Father: Children of POWs
Ronit Shalev*, Smadar Ben-Asher**
Psychological Consequences of Temporary Labor Migration upon Children and Family
Raluca Tomsa
Study Concerning the Somatic and Psycho-motor Development of the Children at a Pre-scholar Age
Marin Finichiu
The Motor Development of Pre-scholar Children Through Fun Activities
Anamaria Constantinescu
The Necessity of the Psycho-motor Aptitudes' Development at the Primary Cycle Level
Mirela Dulgheru
Sport Performance Seen from the Perspective of 6-10/12 Years Characteristics and Particularities, Age at Which the Selection Process in Professional Sport Takes Place
Marius Vaida
Educational-Motric Programs for Institutionalized Children
Elena Lupu*, Mădălina Andreea Apostol**
Self-knowledge Through the Game's Perspective and by Spending Free Time
Anamaria Constantinescu
Study Regarding the Education of the Students' Motor Capacities
Marcel Alexandru Deacu
The Motor Capacity Strength at the Level of the Superior Limbs During the Physical Education Class
Marin Finichiu
Lesson Management Models Based on Strategies
Marcel Alexandru Deacu
Study Regarding the Education Through Movement with the Purpose of Maintaining the Physical Condition
Mirela Dulgheru
Evaluation - Modern Approach in Evaluation - Evaluation for Physical Education
Elena Lupu
Practical-methodical Methods Concerning the Motor Capacity Strength Development During the Physical Education Class
Marius Vaida
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