Vol LX • No. 4/2008
Researches on the Use of Metakaolin to Improve the Properties of Pastes Used in Oil Well Cementing
Magdalena Banu
Increasing Oil Reserve Using Secondary
Nicolae Traşcă - Chiriţă*, Constantin Popa**, Mihai Ciprian Baciu*
Practical Possibilities to Prepare Low Density Cementing Slurries
Maria Georgeta Popescu, Mihaela Manea, Floarea Manea
Urban Geo-ecology, a New Branch of the Geo-sciences, Support of Durable Territorial Planning
Mihai Barac*, Lazar Avram**, Animary Arghirescu*, Adrian Diaconu*, Cătălin Şerban*, Cristina Antoniac*
The Effect of the Anthropic Factors on the Quality of the Underground Waters within the Area
Mihai Barac*, Lazăr Avram**, Animary Arghirescu*, Adrian Diaconu*, Cătălin Şerban*, Cristina Antoniac*
Can Antique Mortars Be Good Oil Well Cements
Magdalena Banu
System of Air Noxious Compound Removal
Constantin Nicolescu, Mihai Pascu Coloja
The Phenomenology of the Autogenous Contraction which is Manifesting During and after the Hardening of the Slurries Used to Well Cementation
Mihai Gheorghitoiu
Closed System Drilling
Mihai Gheorghitoiu
Genetic Algorithms Applied to Solving the Gas - lift Allocation Problem
Mariea Marcu*, Gabriel Irinel Marcu**
Methods to Remove the Heavy Metals from the Slurry
Mihaela Manea, Maria Georgeta Popescu
Multiphase Pumping ? a Solution for Managing Pressure in an Offshore Production System
Mariea Marcu
Compliance of "Sandaband? with the Barrier Concept in Well Abandonment
Claudiu Pupezescu
Example of Well Abandonment with Non Conventional Bingham Plastic Fluids
Claudiu Pupezescu
Theoretical and Experimental Research Referring to the Possibilities of Heat Extraction from Soil
Sorin Neacşu, Mihai Albulescu, Renata Rădulescu
Aspects Regarding Renewable Energetic Resources
Silvian Suditu, Marcela Pătărlăgeanu
Theoretical and Experimental Research Regarding the Soil Thermal Response
Sorin Neacşu*, Cristian Eparu*, Mircea Cosma**
Modeling Gas Flow through Pipes' Bracks
Cornel Trifan*, Dumitru Olteanu**, Remus Herda***, Tiberiu Florin Trifan****
Transient Phenomena Specific to Gas Pipelines Exploitation
Cornel Trifan*, Dumitru Olteanu**, Remus Herda***, Tiberiu Florin Trifan****
Safety Analysis of a Local Romanian
Marcela Vasile
Liquefied Petroleum Gases Utilization: an Assessment
Tudora Cristescu, Maria Stoicescu, Doru Stoianovici
Experimental Research Regarding the Dynamics of Temperature Field around Buried Pipes for Viscous Oil Transport
Cristian Eparu, Mihai Albulescu, Renata Rădulescu
Spotting the Failure Position and Estimating the Rate of Wear of a Pipe
Doru Stoianovici, Maria Stoicescu, Tudora Cristescu
The Influence of Temperature upon the Precision
Onuţ Negīrla*, Marcela Pătărlăgeanu**, Silvian Suditu**
Method of Remediation of Oil Contaminated Soil nearby a Petroleum Products Storage
Iulian Nistor*, Elena-Ruxandra Chiurtu**
Aspects Regarding the Reinterpretation of the Conventional Electrical Logs
Ion Mălureanu, Mihail Valentin Batistatu, Daniela Neagu
Estimation Of Hydrocarbons Generation Potential in the Moesic Platform, Roşiori-Alexandria Depression
Mihail-Valentin Batistatu, Viorel-Eugen Vasiliu
The Non-cosmological Redshifts Contradict the Big Bang Paradigm
Mircea Ionescu, Mihai Ciocīrdel
Foundation Methods for the Buildings of a Residential Neighbourhood, Placed on Heterogeneous Soils
Viorel-Eugen Vasiliu
Estimation of Prognosis Hydrocarbons Resources in Băileşti Depression, Moesian Platform
Mihail-Valentin Batistatu, Daniela-Doina Neagu
Geotechnical Investigations on the Landslide which Affected Gases Well 2 Prod (Transylvanian Basin)
Octavian Georgescu, Dumitru Frunzescu, Gheorghe Brănoiu
Hydrocarbons generating conditions on the Romanian Black Sea Shelf
Daniela - Doina Neagu
On a Possible Rotational Redshift
Mircea Ionescu, Mihai Ciocīrdel
The Dependency Relations Between the Formation Factor and the Tortuosity
Ion Mălureanu*, Monica Mihai**
Assessment of the Petroleum Potential on the Bucşani Structure
Viorel-Eugen Vasiliu, Mihail Batistatu, Ion Mălureanu, Daniela Neagu
Mineralogical-Petrographical Observations on Metamorphic Transformations in the Gabbroids from Transitional Zone of the Iuţi-Tişoviţa-Plavişeviţa Ophiolitic Complex
Mihai Ciocīrdel, Gheorghe Brănoiu
Experimental Study of Isoamilenes Separation from C5 Fraction through Extractive Distillation with Monopropilenglicol
Iulian Comănescu
The Influence of the Molecular Interaction on the Solubility of Propylene and Propane in Different Solvents
Mihaela Petre
Evaluation of 1, 2 Propylene Glycol as a New Solvent for Aromatic Hydrocarbons Liquid-Liquid Extraction from Catalytic Reformer Products
Oprea Florin
Improving the Lubricity of Gas Oils by Biodiesel Additivation
Diana Cursaru, Constantin Tănăsescu, Dorin Stănică- Ezeanu
Study Of Bioethanol Conversion in Aliphatic Hydrocarbons on Zeolite Catalysts
Anca-Florentina Borcea, Traian Jugănaru, Oana Mihai, Vasile Matei, Daniela Luminiţa Movileanu, Dorin Bomboş, Daniela Popovici
Thermic Behaviour of two Copolymers used as Viscosity Improvers for SAE 10W Mineral Oil
Ioana Stanciu
Caracterization of the Condensate from Gārbovi-Urziceni Gas Well
Ion Onuţu *, Dorin Stǎnicǎ-Ezeanu*, Dan Ştefănescu** Andrei Cāmpeanu***
Experimental Study Regarding Heat Transfer through Direct Contact between Immiscible Liquids
Loredana Irena Negoiţă
Hydrotreating of Raw Vegetable Oils and Mixed with Gasoil
Anca-Florentina Borcea, Cristina Duşescu, Traian Jugănaru, Dorina Matei, Vasile Matei, Oana Mihai
The Influence of Di-Propylene-Glycol on the Liquid Vapor Equilibrium in the C5 Saturated ? Isoamilenes System
Iulian Comănescu
Modeling the post combustion monolith catalytic reactor for the carbon monoxide oxidation.
Liviu Filotti, Paul Roşca
How do Oil Country Tubular Goods Lubricants work? ? An Autopsy of Thread Compounds
Cătălin Teodoriu
Influence Of Some Emulsifiers on the Characteristics of the Emulsified Fuels
Cristina Duşescu*, Dorin Bombos*, Daniela Popovici*, Mihaela Bombos**, Ion Bolocan*
Synthesis and Characterization of Mesoporous
Ana Maria Dogariu, Diana Luciana Cursaru, Dragoş Ciuparu
The Influence Of Coke Depositions On The Acidity Of FCC Catalysts
Raluca Elena Dragomir, Paul Roşca
The Effect of Some Additives on the Friction in Liquids Subject to Rotational Motion
Andra Tămaş*, Nicu Borş**, Romulus Minea*
Contribution to Heat Transfer Study in Reactors with Fixed Particles Bed
Maria Popa, Ion Onuţu
State of the Art of Fish passes for Hydro-technical Developments in Romania
Bogdan Popa*, Andreea Galie**
The Analysis of Hydrocarbons Polluting Industrial Sources on the Romanian Sea Coast in the Context of a Lasting Development
Dan Hăulică
Oil Spill- Implementation of Environment Management Strategy and Modern Policy in Naval and Portuar Activities of Danube- Black Sea Canal
Florin Nicolae, Loredana Datcu
Oil Products Terminal. The Appraisal Method Conception in Case of the Oil Tankers Pollution Risk.
Florin Nicolae, Loredana Datcu
Effect of Fe3+ ions on active slurry performances used in waste water treatment obtained from petrochemical industry
Andra Mihaela Micu, Dorina Matei, Daniela Luminita Movileanu
Romanian Energetic Policy Concerning the Biofuels usage as an Alternative Energy Source
Irina Smical, Vasile Hotea, Gabriel Bădescu
Study of Wastewater mixing in Sewage System and Wastewater Treatment in Slobozia
Caşen Panaitescu
Sulphur Attack, Key Factor in Concrete Works Safety and Environment Protection
Adriana Burlacu *, Olimpia Blăgoi **, Maricel Georgescu ***
Researches referring to appreciation performances of the spark ignition engines to the use of ceramic materials in the building of the burning chambers
Ioan Radu Şugar, Petru Nicolae Hreniuc
Technical Solutions for Preventing and Reducing Noise Levels During the Processes Involved in the Extraction of Commercial Ores
Nicolae Petru Hreniuc, Mihai Schvab, Ioan Radu Şugar
Renewable Energy Strategies in European Context
Petia Fierascu*, Radu-Claudiu Fierascu**, Irina Dumitriu**
Environment Protection in the View of Durable Development
Mihai Dima, Daniela Matei, Adrian Drăgan
Phosphomolybdic Heteropolyacid ? Catalyst of Allyl
Siyavush Garayev, Gulahmad Talybov
Chemical Actinometry ? a Useful Tool for Light Adsorption in Photochemical Reactors
Rodica-Mariana Ion , Irina Dumitriu , Radu ? Claudiu Fierascu
Aspects Regarding Pollution with Heavy Metals of Soils from Ploieşti City
Eva Trīmbiţaşu, Octav Pāntea, Andreea Bondarev, Sonia Mihai, Daniela Popovici, Stelian Neagoe, Dorina Matei
Ecological Compounds Used as Corrosion Inhibitors in Field Waters
Maria Moraru, Alexandra Şchiopescu, Ileana Cameniţă
The Analysis of Oil Products from Used Water through the Spectrophotometry of Absorption in IR Compared to the Gravimetrical Method
Octav Pāntea, Vasile Dumitrescu, Magdalena Maria Budeanu
Estimation of Corrosion Action of Emulsified Fuels upon some Metals and Alloys
Octav Pantea*, Dorin Bombos*, Mihaela Bombos**, Sonia Mihai*, Ion Bolocan
ESR Study on Radicalic Species on the Irradiation of
Radu ? Claudiu Fierascu*, Mihail ? Anghel Contineanu**, Irina Dumitriu*, Rodica ? Mariana Ion*
The Production of Hydrogen based on Renewable Energy Sources ? a Concept for the Sustainable Development of the Dobrogea Region
Eden Mamut
Study of the Diluted Polydispersed Double Emulsions Stability
Cristina Stoian*, Gheorghe Zgherea*, Mihaela Olteanu**, Sandu Peretz***
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