Vol LX • No. 3/2008
Considerations on the Raising and Descent Operations of the Drillstring into the Hole
Nicolaie Calotă
The Coefficients of Statistical Corelation Between the Factors that Influence the Life of Ropes
Rodica Costandoiu
Theoretical and Experimental Research Regarding Amortisation of Presure Pulsation
Petre Săvulescu
Constructive and Functional Aspects of a Distribution System Incorporates in a Hydraulic Linear Engine
Petre Săvulescu
The Control Elements of Pulsation in Pressure Gas Systems
Ion Pană
Risk Analysis in Stations of Pumping and Compression
Ion Pană
The Thermodynamic Parameters Analysis of Helical Compressors
Marius Stan
Lining Drive Stabilizers for Screw Pumps
Marius Stan
Establishing Proper Pulsation and Perturbation Couple of the Drill System
Corneliu Dan Ene, Georgeta Claudia Niculae
Longwall Face Mechanized Complex Equipment
Nicolae Ilias, Iosif Andras, Livia Ilias, Iosif Gruneantu, Sorin Radu
Contributions concerning the designing of a stand for the inspection of the grid of a flame trap
Viorel Nicolae, Liviu Toader
Investigation and Inquest Risk Management Systems for Rail Transport of HGL
Dumitru Paraschiv
Investigation and Inquest Risk Management Systems for Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosion
Dumitru Paraschiv
Stress Analysis of a Vessel Due to Nozzle Loads
Costin Ilinca*, Viorel Nicolae*, Daniel Iordache**, Dan Cristescu**
Quality Based Design for Reliability of LPG Spherical Tanks using Probabilistic Methods
Daniel Iordache*, Alecsandru Pavel**, Costin Ilinca**
Research Concerning the Wear Resistance Improvement Technologies of the Petroleum Equipments
Vlad Ulmanu, Marius Bădicioiu, Mihaela Călţaru, Mihail Minescu
Impact Test, an Innovative Technique to Characterize Various Coating Properties
Konstantin-D. Bouzakis, Antonis Asimakopoulos, Michail Batsiolas, Eleftheria Lili
Methods and Preliminary Results
Liviu Bucur*, Viorel Micloşi*, Gabriela Bucur***
Robot Optimization by Means of
Sevasti Mitsi, Konstantin-D. Bouzakis, Dimitrios Sagris, Gabriel Mansour
Proportional Hazards Method: Location and Procedures
Luís Ferreira*, Filipe Didelet Pereira**
Experimental Results for Local Buckling under External Pressure (Collapse) and Axial Tension of Perfectly Circular Tubes
Vlad Ulmanu, Dragoş Gabriel Zisopol, Ciprian Nicolae Trifan
Aspects Regarding the Processed Surface Roughness on Productivity Machine-Tools
Ion Nae, Gabriela Ionescu, Mihail Minescu
Aspects of the Analysis "In Situ" of the Remaining Mechanical Stresses with "Blind Hole" Method for a Technological Equipment
Gheorghe Dumitru, Eugen Laudacescu, Niculae Napoleon Antonescu
Estimating Technological Systems Reliability Using Software Applications
Adrian Neacşa, Niculae Napoleon Antonescu, Doru Bogdan Stoica
The Construction and the Working of the TTT Type Manipulator Used for the Actuation
Dragoş Gabriel Zisopol*, Adrian Marian Lospă*
Laser Receiver Detection Techniques used in Laser Radar Systems
Nicola Iulian*, Creţu Emil**
Noise Level Assessment in Urban Environments
Mariana Deliu, Gheorghe Deliu
Diagnosis of Winding Engine brake Mechanism in Mierleasa Shaft in Lupeni mine
Vilhelm Itu, Iosif Dumitrescu
On the Lifetime Evaluation for a Power Plant Steel
Viorel Goanţă, Marian Mareş, Constantin Baciu, Bogdan Leiţoiu
Characterization of Cracking Behaviour for Steel Used in Steam-Line Pipes Manufacture
Viorel Goanţă, Marian Mareş, Radu Comăneci, Bogdan Leiţoiu
The Study of The Static Behaviour of A Transportable Mast in Case of The Overload Test
Ioan Popa, Lavinia Stanciu
The Evaluation of the Stress and Strain Condition for the Mast MU 320 Made Out of U and I Profile Beams
Alexandru Pupăzescu, Ioan Popa, Lavinia Stanciu
Research on Determining the Torque Bearing Capacity of Clamp and Cap Assemblies
Niculae Grigore, Adrian Creiţaru
Dynamic Simulation Step to Advanced Process Control Implementation
Nicolae Paraschiv*, Daniel Mihăescu **
A Time Domain Method for Computing the Forced Response of an Input-Output Linear Continuous System
Vasile Cîrtoaje, Alina Băieşu
The Modelling and Simulation of the Control Valves in Hydraulic Systems
Cristian Pătrăscioiu, Leonardo Mihai
An Automated System for the Vocal Synthesis of Text Files in Romanian
Adrian Moise, Alexandra Dan
Simulating with Arena® a Control Structure for Manufacturing Systems using Petri Nets
Otilia Cangea, Cristina Popescu
A Modern Framework for Road Traffic Modelling and Dynamic Simulation
Gabriel Rãdulescu*, Melania Cruceru**
ISO Pipe Testing Process Analysis and Virtualization
Alexandru Popa*, Javier Holzmann*, Cristina Popa**
Industrial Process Control Network Security
Nicolae Paraschiv, Emil Pricop
Remote Control System for Pumping Units
Gabriela Bucur*, Marin Anica**
Implementation of Neuro - Fuzzy Controller on Khepera III Mobile Robot
Cristina Popescu, Otilia Cangea
Refinery's Process Heaters Excess Air
Daniel Mihăescu
Multi-objective Optimization of an FCCU
Cristina Popa
Researches Regarding the Control of a Gas
Marian Popescu
Biometric RFID Card - A Solution for Securing Industrial Control
Toader Melinte*, Emil Pricop**
A Time Domain Method for Computing the Response of the Input-Output Linear Discrete Systems
Vasile Cîrtoaje, Alina Băieşu, Marian Popescu
The Optimal Control System for the Natural
Issa Rabahi, Cristian Patrascioiu, Stelian Dumitrescu, Mihaela Petre
Research on Process Modelling through Simulation
Cristian Bucur
Analysis of PAM Technique for Single-Phase Inverter with Sinusoidal Waveform Output Voltage
Gheorghe Cremenescu
Single-Phase Static Frequency Converter Based
Gheorghe Cremenescu
Some Aspects about Modelling of Asynchronous Motors Used for Driving of Depth-pumping Installations
Boris Siro, Cornel Ianache
A Field Oriented Based Method for Speed Control
Alexandru Săvulescu*, Dragoş Anghel**, Marian Panait**
Systemic Equations and Stability Conditions for Precision Oxygen Analyzer (1st part)
Zoltan Borsos, Octavian Dinu
Systemic Equations and Stability Conditions for Precision Oxygen Analyzer (2nd part)
Octavian Dinu, Zoltan Borsos
Approaches to the Problem of Control after Model in Technical and Economic Systems
Cristian Bucur*, Cătălin Beciu**
Analysis of Electrical Processes in Converters for Capacitive Energy Accumulation
Barudov Stefan Todorov, Dicheva Milena Dimitrova
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