Vol LXIX • No. 1/2017
Management of Interconnecting Works Performed on Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines
Gheorghe Zecheru*, Ilie E. Laţa**, Florin Bârsan**, Marian Durchi*
A Dynamic Analysis of a Pipe System
Şerban Vasilescu
Prediction of FAME Yield Using Artificial Neural Network Model
Elena-Emilia Oprescu, Cristina Popa
The Numerical Simulation of Main Gas Pipelines Exploitation when the Pressure Varies
Mihai Albulescu*, Doru Stoianovici*, Robertino Cătălin Diaconu**, Tiberiu Florin Trifan***
On an Optimal Generation of the Trajectory in the Case of a Robotic Mechanism with Four Degrees of Freedom
Dorin Bădoiu
Design and Implementation of a Rotation Differential Capacitive Sensor
Gabriela Bucur, Adrian Moise, Cristina Popescu
Study of Natural Gas Underground Storage in Bălăceanca Structure (Case Study)
Costin Viorel Vlăsceanu, Iulian Nistor
Inspection of the Petroleum Pipelines Welded Joint by Using the Phased Array Ultrasonic Nondestructive Testing
Mihaela Călţaru, Marius Bădicioiu
Intelligent Control Applied to the Cracking Catalytic Process: An Overview of Techniques
Cristina Popa
On the Variation of the Motor Moment in the Case of a Total Statically Balanced Quadrilateral Mechanism
Georgeta Toma, Dorin Bădoiu
About the Exploitation of Gas Pipelines
Robertino Cătălin Diaconu*, Mihai Albulescu**, Doru Stoianovici**, Tiberiu Florin Trifan***
Detailed Analysis of the Combined Effects of the Wind Acting on Transverse Direction and of the Rated Hook Load for a Service Rig Mast
Lavinia Silvia Stanciu
Numerical Simulation of Gas Pipelines Exploitation when the Flow Rate Varies
Doru Stoianovici*, Mihai Albulescu*, Robertino Cătălin Diaconu**, Tiberiu Florin Trifan***
Permeability and Pore Volume Variations with Reservoir Pressure
Liviu Dumitrache*, Iulian Nistor**, Silvian Suditu**, Ana-Maria Badea**
Nonlinear Decoupler Design. Case Study for a Butylene-Butane Distillation Column
Marian Popescu
Comparative Study Concerning the Transportation Capacity of Steel Pipes Respectively Polyethylene Pipes
Cătălin Negulescu*, Doru Stoianovici*, Robert George Simion**, Tiberiu Florin Trifan***
Issues Concerning the Design of a Fiber-Optic Transmission System
Cristina Popescu, Gabriela Bucur, Adrian Moise
Hydrodynamic Behaviour of Alimentation Joints of RMS from Natural Gas Distribution Network
Robert George Simion*, Cătălin Negulescu**, Doru Stoianovici**, Tiberiu Florin Trifan***
Investigations Regarding the Failure Causes of a Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline
Gheorghe Zecheru, Gheorghe Drăghici, Andrei Dumitrescu, Alin Diniţă
Journal INFO (ISSN 1224-8495)
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