Vol LXVII • No. 3/2015
Technological Features of Valves Installation on the Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines – Part I
Gheorghe Zecheru*, Ilie Laţa**, Andrei Dumitrescu*
Large Deformations for Thin Plane Disks Bending under Uniform Distributed Loads, Considering the Membrane Stresses Part I – General Theoretical Considerations on Large Deformations
Gheorghe N. Radu, Ioana Sonia Comănescu
Petrochemistry and Catalysis
Vasile Matei
The Influence of Time Application of a Force by Shock on the Dynamic Response of a Mechanical Structure
Ioan Popa, Lavinia Silvia Stanciu
Basic Problems Involved by Generating Tridimensional Multimedia Content
Cosmina-Mihaela Roșca, Gabriel Rădulescu
Human Machine Interface for Production Line Monitoring and Control
Otilia Cangea
Study of the Behaviour of a Transportable Mast of 500 kN Maximum Hook Load during Free Vibrations
Lavinia Silvia Stanciu, Ioan Popa
Using Monovariable PID Controllers Tuned with Genetic Algorithms for Controlling a Multivariable Process
Alina-Simona Băieşu
Real Time Supervisory Control Application for a Natural Gas Compressor Station
Sanda Florentina Mihalache, Marian Popescu
Internal Model Controller Design for Proportional-Type Processes
Daniela Ene, Alina-Simona Băieşu
Parameters Control Systems in a Plant for Drilling Wells
Cristina Popescu
On the Establishing and Solving of the Movement Equation in the Case of the Plane Mechanisms
Dorin Bădoiu
General Aspects Regarding Hierarchical Control of a Complex Industrial Process
Alin-Constantin Băieşu, Alina-Simona Băieşu
Quad-Chamber Pump and Dual-Test Strip Artificial Extracorporeal Endocrine Pancreas
Ștefan-Radu Bâlă
Uncertainty and Risk Evaluation in the Tertiary Migration of Abandoned Oil Reservoirs
Dan-Romulus Jacotă
A Comparison Regarding the Behaviour of the Horizontal and Vertical Expansion Loops of the Steam Collectors
Silvia Sturzu, Şerban Vasilescu
Production Optimization and Frictional Loss Energy Analysis for a Multiphase Heavy Oil Subsea Well
Antonia Şugar, Doru Stoianovici
Thermographic Determination of Sucker Rod Fatigue Limit
Vlad Ulmanu, Nicolae Şuga, Alin Diniţă
On the Buckling of Thin Walled Stiffened Cylindrical Shells (TWSCS) under Uniform External Pressure
Maria Zaharia
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