Vol LXVII • No. 1/2015
The Effect of Fenton Process on the Inert Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Fractions of Printing-Dyeing Textile Wastewater
Fehiman Ciner*, Yavuz Ali Yılmaz**
Stress Determination on Motor Vehicles Towbars Using INVENTOR Software. Practical Calculation Method
Gheorghe N. Radu, Andrei Victor Petrici
Applying Artificial Neural Networks in Gasoline Formulation. Case Study
Bogdan Doicin, Ion Onuţu, Cristian Pătrășcioiu
The Use of 2D Models in Relation to 3D Models in Numerical Analysis
Alexandru Pupăzescu
Contributions to Remediation and Ecological Reconstruction of Soils Polluted with Oil and Petroleum Products
Ion Onuțu*, Cristiana Dumitran**
Tensile Testing of Orthopedic Bone Cements
Lucian Bogdan*, Cristian-Sorin Neş*, Nicolae Faur*, Jenel Marian Pătraşcu**
Research on the Optimisation of Hydraulic Fracturing Operations
Lazăr Avram, Iuliana Veronica Gheţiu, Maria Cristescu, Monica Emanuela Stoica
Cumulative Effects of the Phenomena Accompanying the Big Diameter Drilling Process on the Damage over Time of the Drill Pipes
Simion Parepa
About the Forces Resulted in the Cogged Gear
Niculae Grigore, Ion Nae
Advantages and Disadvantages Concerning the Heat Transfer in Tube in Tube Heat Exchangers versus Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
Sînziana Rădulescu, Loredana Irena Negoiţă, Ion Onuţu
Studies on Deformation Process, Flowing and Breaking Metal Linings at High Loading Speeds, Due to Explosion of the Cumulative Loads
Pavel Florescu*, Dănuţ Dumitrescu**
Considerations about Tension Conditions in Fixed Prosthesis with Dento-Periodontal Support Respective Implant Support
Anca Frățilă, Adrian Buca, Constantin Vasiloaica
On the Calculus of Some Cinematic Parameters of the Sucker Rod Pumping Units
Georgeta Toma, Alexandru Pupăzescu, Dorin Bădoiu
On the Calculus of the Equilibrium Moment for a Mechanism with Three Independent Contours
Dorin Bădoiu
Control Theory Approach of Medical Therapy Involving Homeostatic Equilibrium Restoration
Ștefan Bala
Interpretation of Rock-Bits Wear
Dumitru Iordache
Journal INFO (ISSN 1224-8495)
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