Vol LXV • No. 4/2013
Analysis of Stress Distribution in Casing-Grapple Contact Areas
Vlad Ulmanu, Alexandru Pupăzescu
Fracture Toughness Investigation of PUR Foams Using Asymmetric Semi-Circular Bend (ASCB) Specimens
Emanoil Linul, Tudor Voiconi, Liviu Marşavina, Dana Silaghi-Perju
Temporal Evolution of the Steel Pipes Quality Requirements for the Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines
Gheorghe Zecheru*, Ilie E. Laţa**, Florin Bīrsan**, Gheorghe Drăghici*, Alin Diniţă*
Strength and Toughness Properties of Steel Pipes in the Superannuated Pipelines of the National Natural Gas Transmission System
Gheorghe Zecheru*, Ilie E. Laţa**, Florin Bīrsan**, Gheorghe Drăghici*, Alin Diniţă*
Theoretical Studies on the Increase of the Work Safety for Gantry Cranes in Static and Dynamic Working Regime
Gheorghe N. Radu, Ioana Sonia Comănescu, Pavel Romică Ciulei
The Paris Formula for the Crack Propagation Rate, Approached as a Temperature and Asymmetry Coefficient Complex Function
Vālcu Roşca, Cosmin Miriţoiu, Alina Romanescu
Fatigue Life Estimation Based on the Correlation between the Plastic Strain Energy per Cycle and the Specimen Heating During Cycling
Vlad Ulmanu, Gheorghe Drăghici, Nicolae Şuga, Alin Diniţă
Free Flexional Oscillations of the Large Diameter Drill String and 10¾" Drill Pipe Breaking
Simion Parepa
Loads of Tracks Dippers which Lead to Cracks in the Structure During Quarrying
Laurenţiu Sārbu
Analysis of Helical Shaft Fracture during Exploitation of Rotary Screw Compressor
Alin Diniţă*, Evelyn Nicolae**
Composite Materials Containing Textile Soundproofing
Iuliana (Stamate) Iaşnicu
Modeling and Calculation of Cracks in Solids with Fractal Interpolation Method
Marius Suciu
On a Synthesis Problem of the Mechanism of a Sucker Rod Pumping Unit
Georgeta Toma, Alexandru Pupăzescu, Dorin Bădoiu
Intelligent Automatic pH Control System Based on Microcontrollers
Mădălina Cărbureanu, Vasile Buruiană
On Complex Trajectories Generation with a Robotic Arm with Spherical Structure
Dorin Bădoiu
CHOPS (Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sand) Trial in an Oilfield from Romania
Marian Irimia*, Iulian Nistor**
Journal INFO (ISSN 1224-8495)
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