Vol LVIII • No. 3/2006
Leak Resistance of Some Lubricants Used for Petroleum Tubular Threaded Connections
Vlad Ulmanu, Marius Bădicioiu
Equipment for the Vibration Resistance Test under Bending Loads of the Joints of Copper Pipes
Mihail Minescu, Vlad Ulmanu, Andrei Dumitrescu, Dragoş G. Zisopol
Best Available Technology to Reduce Emissions of Pollutants into Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit
Dorin Stănică-Ezeanu
On Viscous Dissipation in Power-Law Fluid Flow through a Circular Cross Section Tube
Tudor Boacǎ
Successions de dimensions linéaires avec un élément compensateur fixe
Marian Neacşu, Ion Nae, Adrian C. Drumeanu, Doina Petrescu
Equipment for the Resistance Testing under Dynamic Torsion Loads of the Copper Pipes Joints
Dragoş G. Zisopol, Vlad Ulmanu, Mihail Minescu, Andrei Dumitrescu
Modelling of Post Combustion Monolith Catalytic Reactor for the Carbon Monoxide Oxidation Part III. Solving Methods
Liviu Filotti
The Modelation of the Dynamic Processes at the High-Speed Flame Thermal Spraying
Doina Petrescu, Niculae Napoleon Antonescu, Marian Neacşu
Research Concerning the Analysis and Synthesis of the Five-Bar-Link Mechanism
Dorin Bădoiu
Procedures for the Quality Assessment of the Assembly Technologies of Copper Pipes for Natural Gas Installations
Andrei Dumitrescu, Vlad Ulmanu, Dragoş G. Zisopol, Mihail Minescu
Computation Method for the Contact Pressure Developed upon Make-Up of Round Thread
Marius Bădicioiu, Vlad Ulmanu
A Method of Calculation of the Axial Reactions of the Short Cylinders Subjected to an Uniform Internal Pressure
Şerban Vasilescu, Mihai Ionescu
Petroleum Boom in Romania in the Years 1900
Reverential regards to those brave men of those olden times - specialists (geologists, scientific chemists, engineers, drilling foremen), great autochthonous producers and honest-minded politicians -, to small-scale petroleum producers, often simple countrymen, main pioneers of the Romanian petroleum industry, and to the unnamed countrymen drillers, who equally contributed to the development of this industry in the years 1900. Simion Parepa
The Servovalves Model Used in the Dynamic Sensitivity Analysis
Constantin Tabacu
Experimental Analysis of Inner Fittings Running Test in the Rotary Drum Dryer
Niţu Georgeta
Presence of the chabazite in the volcanic zeolitic tuffs from the Apostolache area
Bogdan Mocanu*, Octavian Georgescu**
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