Vol LXII • No. 3/2010 (Special Issue)
Le sacrifice et l'identité du sujet: Emmanuel Lévinas et Jan Patočka
András Lajos Kiss
Effective Intercultural Communication - A Must of a Globalizing Environment
Anca Mihaela Dobrinescu
Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones and the Redemptive Power of Literary Tradition
Irina Toma
Les complexes, les blocages et les paradoxes de la culture roumaine dans le contexte de la globalisation
Adelina Farias
Individual / Collective Identity in the Romanian Urban Environment
Cristina Gafu
Globalisation/ vs /tradition, sujet de choix dans les revues littéraires françaises et roumaines
Diana Rînciog
La littérature et les frontières de la langue maternelle
Mihaela Cojocaru
Cultural Aspects of an Ancient Feminine Deity: The Old Fairy
Gheorghe Enache
Felix Aderca's View on Aesthetics: Literature between Universality and National Specificity
Mihaela Iancu
The "Global Campus" in David Lodge's Small World: Mirror of the Academe
Elena Iuliana Bindileu
The Agony of Ecstasy: Spectacles of Life in an Intoxicat(ed)ing World
Ioana Eparu
Globalization and Media
Cristina Poruţiu, Ciprian Pop, Alina Negoescu
Intertextuality in George Eliot's Novels: Middlemarch, Daniel Deronda and Felix Holt, the Radical
Alina-Mihaela Stoica
La culture communicationnelle, signe de la globalisation
Gabriela Vasilescu
Globalization, a Binder of International Occult Phenomena
Dragoş Lucian Rădulescu
Globalization, a Fundamental Vector of Present-day Society
Mihaela - Adina Apostolache
Living in a Liquid Modernity
Catrinela Andreea Lazăr
(De) Contamination and Globalisation Attempts in 17th and 18th Century English Culture
Ana Maria Tolomei
La globalisation onomastique
Domniţa Tomescu
Political Incorrectness
Oana Smoleanu
Tradition et globalisation dans l'évolution de la distinction de re / vs / de dicto en linguistique française. Temps de re / vs / temps de dicto
Diana Costea
Metaphors in Advertising
Alina Negoescu
Local, Discourse and Global Systematicity of Business English Metaphors
Adina Oana Nicolae
Proper Names in Idiomatic Expressions
Diana Paraschiv, Mihaela Duma
Multilingualism - Manifestation of Intercultural Communication
Ioana Jieanu
Les "savoirs partagés" dans la société contemporaine globalisante: l'efficacité persuasive de l'argumentation
Steluţa Coculescu
War and Argumentation in 2008 American Presidential Debates
Maria-Ionela Neagu
Tradition and Innovation in Televised Election Debate
Eugenia Baciu
Aspects of manipulating structure interpretation in print advertising
Elena-Cristina Berariu, Andrea Peterlicean
Les proverbes entre universel et spécificité nationale. Etude de cas: les proverbes centrés sur l'acte de la prise de parole en français et en roumain
Raluca Bălăiţă
Play, Play on the Stage: Tell Me How Black Identity Is Performed
Meryem Ayan
The Problem of Identity in Ana Castillo's The Mixquiahuala Letters
Baysar Taniyan
Food and Body as Markers of Identity in Timothy Mo's Sour Sweet
Mehmet Ali Çelikel
La culture littéraire scolaire entre mondialisation et tradition
Gabriela Duda
Globalizing Mentalities in 21st Century Romania
Arleen Ionescu
Translating Legal Texts
Brînduşa Dodiţă-Farcaş
Objectifying the World in Harold Pinter's plays. The Struggle with the Other
Alina-Elena Roşca
The Prince of Wales's Alternative Solutions to the Globalized Lifestyle: Between Poundbury in Dorset and the Saxon Villages in Transylvania
Marina-Cristiana Rotaru
The Memoirs of Nina Cassian. Language as Home
Loredana Netedu
The Fathers of Romanian Postmodernism
Lucia Ispas
Postmodernism and Epistolarity in Romanian Literature
Anca Ştefan
A Global Trend in Cinema: Bollywood
Anca-Margareta Bunea
Making Sense of Religious Humour
Mihaela Duma
Legislation in Intercultural Education
Roxana Enache*, Alina Brezoi**, Alina Crişan***
Foreign Students' Cultural Integration: A Pilot Study
Mihaela Badea, Alexandra Badea
Fairy Tales in Translation
Roxana Bîrsanu
L'ethnocentrisme et la communication nonverbale entre les étudiants de différentes ethnies
Elena-Simona Indreica, Ana-Maria Cazan
A Valuable Tradition of the Romanian Education: Cultural Society and Pupils' Publications
Gheorghe Calcan
Body Idioms - A Fountain of Cultural Information
Monica Roxana Bot
Intercultural Communication Today
Adina Pescaru, Roxana Enache
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