Vol LXII • No. 4B/2010
Experimental Determination of Temperature Control Maps in the Case of Coking Chamber
Nicoleta Rizea, Ion Florea, Lavinia Stanciu
Graphics of the Involute Profile for Gear Drawing
Ion Florea, Nicoleta Rizea, Ioan Popa
The Influence of Beams' Axes Shifting on the Level of Stress and Displacements
Ioan Popa, Ion Florea, Lavinia Silvia Stanciu
Research Concerning the Differential Model of the Mitsubishi Melfa RV-1A Robot System
Dorin Bădoiu
On the Calculus of the Equilibrium Moment in the Case of a Plane Mechanism
Dorin Bădoiu
Bayonet Joint Opportunities for Using in Large Diameter Drill Stem Connections
Adrian Creiţaru
Considerations on Features of the Stress Analysis Applied to Taper Pin-Box Shouldered Connections with Special Screw-Thread Profile
Adrian Creiţaru
The Modernization of the MAC - 3 Machines from the Substitution of the Mechanism of the Pressing Room
Mihaela Florentina David, Carmen Otilia Rusănescu, Ladislau David, Ion Dinu
Optimizing Vibrations Dynamic Absorbers (I)
Tănase Dinu
Optimizing Vibrations Dynamic Absorber (II)
Tănase Dinu
Study on the State of Stress and Strain in Tube-to-tubular Plate Joint
Madălin Iancu*, Alexandru Pupăzescu**, Ioan Tudor**
The Quality Control of the Multi-Component Fractionation Processes
Cristian Pătrăşcioiu, Nicolae Paraschiv, Marian Popescu
Multivariable Feedback Control of a Binary Fractionation Column
Marian Popescu
Investigations on the Dynamic Behavior of a Make-up Machine for Automation Purposes
Alexandru Popa*, Matthias Klaws*, Cătălin Teodoriu*, Cristina Popa**
Study on Heat Pump Parameters Monitoring for Different Heat Exchanger Topologies
Constantin Stoica
Comparison of PI and MPC for Control of Catalytic Cracking Process
Cristina Popa
Case study: Using the Dynamic Flowsheet DIVA® Simulator for Modeling Methyl Acetate Reactive Distillation Process
Ioana-Luiza Stoica
Bluetooth Networks and Wireless Sensors
Silviu Popovici
Innovative Solutions for Electric Drives System Tests of Offshore and Onshore Drilling Rigs, Provided by ICPE ACTEL
Ion Potârniche*, Adina Monica Popa**
The Insulating Oils in Electrical Power Transformers
Tiberiu-Octavian Cujbă, Dorel Cernomazu
Analysis of Transitory Regime for Three-Phase Inverter Based on Sine-Delta PWM Control Strategy
Florinel Dinu, Gheorghe Cremenescu
Mathematical Support of the Sine-Delta PWM Control Strategy for Three-Phase Inverter
Gheorghe Cremenescu, Florinel Dinu
Influence of Supply Voltage on the Internal Angle and Reactive Power at a Synchronous Motor from an Electric Drive
Cornel Ianache*, Boris Siro*, Stefania Iordache**
Viewpoints on the Possibility to Use an Unbalanced Wheatstone Bridge to Measure the Bit Weight
Ioan Savulescu, Alexandru Savulescu
The Bifurcation Diagram for Oxygen Detector's Chaotic Regime
Mihail Fâcă*, Dragomir Orhei**
The Application of Acquisition and Monitoring Based on the Accelemetre ADXL202EB and NI DAQ USB-6008 - Plate
Dragomir Orhei, Octavian Dinu
Development of Simulation Models of Induction Squirrel Cage Motor for Variable-Speed Applications
Vasilija Sarac, Goce Stefanov
Gain Scheduling Adaptive System for the Extension of Speed Domain of the FOC Drives with Asynchronous Motors
Alexandru Săvulescu, Ioan Săvulescu
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