Vol LXII • No. 4A/2010
Improvement of the Operational Reliability in a Line of Production of Pulp to Paper
Filipe Pereira*, Rui Canuto**
Contributions to Achieving a Mathematical Model for Sustainable Development of an Industrial Organization Manufacturing Welded Parts
Gheorghe Amza, Zoia Apostolescu, Florică Călin
Researches Regarding the Machinability Characteristics of the Tungsten Carbide Layers Made Using the HVOF Process
Vlad Ulmanu, Mihaela Călţaru, Marius Bădicioiu, Mihail Minescu
The Use of Toughness Criteria for Designing Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines
Gheorghe Zecheru*, Ilie E Laţa**, Dan Cheţan**
Experimental Research on Welding Technology of X80 API 5L Steel Pipes
Vlad Ulmanu*, Florentina Mateescu**
Using the Hot Brine Hardenability Test for the Qualification of In-Service Welding Procedures for Repairing Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines
Gheorghe Zecheru, Gheorghe Drăghici, Alin Diniţă
Aggressivity of Hair Shampoo above Stainless Steel Type AISI 316L
Rćzvan George Rīpeanu, Ioan Tudor
Setting of the Normal Lathes Operational Reliability
Ion Nae, Marius Gabriel Petrescu
Soil Resistivity Around Gas Pipelines
Virgil Metea, Răzvan-George Rīpeanu, Ioan Tudor
Modern Solutions for Electric Drives of Onshore and Offshore Drilling Rigs, Provided by ICPE ACTEL
Ion Potārniche*, Adina Monica Popa**
The Equipment for Producing Winding Thick Cylindrical Shells
Viorel Nicolae
Contributions to the Calculus of Mechanical Stresses Generated by Temperature within a Pipe Section
Viorel Nicolae
Technical and Economical Issues Concerning the Possibility of Recovery of the Gas from Pipelines
Ion Pană
The Influence of the Tool Joints Geometry on the Dynamics of the Drill String
Nicolaie Calotă
Numerical Simulation of the Group of Actuating Diesel Engine - Torque Converter
Ion Pană
Experimental Research Focused on Yields of Linear Hydraulic Engines Used to Drive the Deep Pumps
Petre Săvulescu
Application of Similarity Theory to Establish Important Parameters to Drill on Mars
Marius Stan
Preliminary and Experimental Research Focused on Linear Hydraulic Engine Used for Deep Pumps Driving
Petre Săvulescu
Fuzzy Logic System for Modeling Functional Characteristic of Hydraulic Generators
Georgeta Claudia Niculae
Modelling Dynamic Systems Operating with Almost Periodic Functions
Marius Stan
Simulation of Hydraulic Generators with Fuzzy Logic
Georgeta Claudia Niculae
Tanks Emissions Software
Liviu Toader, Florinel Lupu, Bogdan Ilie
Clinical and Imaging Study of Knee Biomechanics
Dan Trāmbiţaş*, Ion Baier**
The Terminals (Gas Stations) for Carburant Distribution in SEVESO 3 Conception
Ecaterina Iancu
Journal INFO (ISSN 1224-8495)
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