Vol LXII • No. 3B/2010
Membranes for the Treatment of the Industrial Waters: Quo Vadis?
Claude Gilles Dussap*, Lazar Avram**, Julien Troquet***, Sorin Alexandru Avram****
Ascensional Pollution Resulted from Mining Activities
Constantin Nicolescu, George Iordache, Mihai Pascu Coloja
The Effect of Calcium Contamination of Drilling Fluids Prepared with Gurasada Clay
Maria Georgeta Popescu, Mihaela Manea
Tank Farm Modernization - Following the Environmental Requirements
Lazăr Avram*, Cornel Pătraşcu*, Camelia E. Basceanu**
Aspects of Petroleum and Petroleum Products Pollution, in Romania and Measures
Daniela Buzoianu
The Rheology of Polymer Dispersions and the Effect of Crude Oil Contamination
Mihaela Manea, Maria Georgeta Popescu, Maria Petre, Floarea Manea
War for Oil
Mirela Micu
Pessimistic Theories on Fossil Fuels and Possible Alternative Energy Sources
Constantin Nicolescu*, Constanţa Nicolescu**
Aspects of Establishing the Mixing Formulae for Primary Cementing
Mihai Gheorghitoiu
Trends in the Well Completion
Mariea Marcu*, Gabriel Irinel Marcu**
Why Horizontal Wells for Underground Gas Storage?
Maria Stoicescu*, Mihail Gheorghitoiu**, Doru Stoianovici*
Increasing the Flow Gas Calculation Accuracy Flowing Through Fixed Cylindrical Nozzles
Florinel Dinu, Mihail-Valentin Batistatu
Practical Approach of Smart Wells Reservoir Simulation
Gabriel Irinel Marcu*, Mariea Marcu**
"Peak Oil" - Are We There Yet?
Mirela Micu
Odorisation Monitoring Activity in E.ON Gas Distribution
Brīnduşa Mitroi, Elena-Raluca Stanimir, Radu E. Popescu
Increase Energy Efficiency of Cogeneration Gas Turbine by Means of New, Advanced Titanium Base Materials and Surface Coatings Development-State-of-Art
Cristian Puşcaşu*, Gheorghe Matache*, Mihaela Grigorescu*, Raluca Voicu*, Mihai Albulescu**
Technical Solutions Developed for Increasing the Turboengines Performances
Mariana Ştefănescu*, Liviu Adam*, Cristian Puşcaşu*, Dana Cīrdei **
Experimental Research Regarding the Maximum Thermal Power that Can Be Extracted from Soil
Cristian Eparu, Sorin Neacşu, Renata Rădulescu
Considerations on the Design and Implementation Screw Compression Equipment Driven by Heat Engines that Use Natural Gas as Fuel
Liviu Adam*, Pavel Masiliev*, Mariana Ştefănescu*, Alina Rusu**
Multiphase Production Oil Well System Analysis
Maria Stoicescu, Doru Stoianovici
Consideration Regarding Oil, Gasoline and Condensate Losses During Transportation through Pipelines and at the Afferent Pumping Stations
Mihai Ionescu, Marcela Pătărlăgeanu, Silvian Suditu
Evaluation of Some Oil, Gasoline and Condensate Losses in Tank Cars Transport
Marcela Pătărlăgeanu, Mihai Ionescu, Silvian Suditu
On a Class of Thermodynamic Processes Involved in the Transport and Storage of Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Tudora Cristescu, Petre Ciobanu
The Validation of the Method of Estimating Losses from Defects in Gas Distribution Pipes Buried
Cornel Trifan*, C.L. Negulescu*, Alin Băloi**, Radu Popescu***
Simulator for Natural Gas Transport and Distribution
Sorin Neacşu*, Alina Rusu**, Dana Cīrdei*
Experimental Stand Used to Simulate Oil Transport through Pipelines
Cristian Eparu, Mihai Albulescu, Renata Rădulescu
Virtually USB Bus on Sine-Wave Current Supply from Infrastructure of a Smart Well
Constantin G. Popa, Alexandru D. Cojan
Hydraulic Fracturing Program for an Oil Well from the Pannonian Depression
Ioan Dan Grigoraş, Şerban Nicolescu, Mihail Ionescu
Shale Gas Resources in Pucioasa Oligocene Formation
Mihail-Valentin Batistatu, Ion Mălureanu
Mineralogical-Petrographical Study of the Clayey Matrix in the Gravels from Nedelea Gravel Pit
Gheorghe Brănoiu, Octavian Georgescu, Dumitru Frunzescu
Actual Trends in Romania's Mature Oilfields Exploitation
Mihail-Valentin Batistatu, Florinel Dinu
On the Sarmatian Tuff at the Basis of Limestone Quarry from Năeni (Buzău County)
Dumitru Frunzescu, Octavian Georgescu, Cehlarov Aura, Gheorghe Brănoiu
Geological Survey Regarding the Settlement of the Sewerage and Water Supply System in Rupea Agglomeration, Braşov County
Viorel Eugen Vasiliu
Mineralogical-Petrographical Details on the Clastes of Rudites from Olistolithes Conglomerates within Badenian Salt Breccia from Bădila (Buzău Valley)
Aura Cehlarov, Dumitru Frunzescu, Gheorghe Brănoiu
Geotechnical Properties Lands Foundation for Beceni Windfarm - Buzău County
Viorel Eugen Vasiliu
Study of Metamorphosed Granitoidic Rocks from Eastern Part of Corbu Phyllites Unit from Valea Satului (Almćj Mountains)
Brănoiu Gheorghe, Ciocīrdel Mihai, Georgescu Octavian
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