Vol LXII • No. 1/2010
Comparation between the Responsibility of the Romanian Public Servant and the Responsibility of the European Civic Servant
Nicolai Romandaş
Legislative Reforms in Turkey: The Case of Public Administration
Süleyman Yaman Koçak
Theoretical and practical aspects about The Governmen's Emergency Ordinance no 37/22 April 2009
Claudia - Luciana Ivănescu
Police and Legal Assistance in the European Union and the Schengen Area
Iurie Sedleţchi
Aspects Regarding Regionalism and Regionalization
Mihaela - Adina Apostolache, Mihai - Cristian Apostolache
International Organizations Involved in Money Laundering Prevention
Dragoş Rădulescu
The Rights of Shareholders of a Company, Chapter of the New Civil Code
Silvia Cristea, Camelia Stoica
Trust Deed - a New Legal Institution?
Silvia Cristea
Work Force from the Point of View of European Policies in the Context of Economic Instability
Boris Sosna*, Constantin Bratu**
General Considerations Regarding the Settlement of the Conflicts of Interest
Eufemia Vieriu
General Aspects Regarding Signing an Individual Work Contract
Eufemia Vieriu*, Dumitru Vieriu**
Perception of the Influence of Marketing in Politics: A Cross-Sectional Study of Political Parties and Electorates in Nigeria
Rowland E. Worlu
The Outline of a Philosophical Reconstruction of the Culture
Viorel Cernica
Identité et interculturalité, c'est-à-dire une voie de communication culturelle dans l'espace de l'Europe de l'Est
Gabriela Vasilescu
The Significance of the Closed Theory Concept in Heisenberg's Science Philosophy
Dragoş Grigorescu
La prise de risque capitalistique en France: tropismes culturels
Roberto Nayberg
The Brazilian Energy Sector: An Overview
Georges D. Landau
L'Iraq Petroleum Company et ses filiales, chronologie d'une histoire pétrolière du Moyen-Orient, 1948-1975
Philippe Tristani
The Romanian Security System in the Late of 1980s and the Early of 1990s
Karina Marczuk, Petre Opriş
The Central Treaty Organization - Element of the Western Anti-Soviet System
Mircea-Cristian Ghenghea
Aspects of the history of Brazi locality, Prahova County
Gheorghe Calcan
The Psycho-Social Features of Outdoor Educational Activities
Elena Moldovan, Silviu Cioroiu
The Acts of Public Administration Authorities
Cătălina Szekely
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