Vol LXII • No. 1/2010
Design of a Gas Feeding Pipeline for the Filiaşi - Strehaia - Drobeta Turnu Severin Area
Eugen Mihail Ionescu, Gheorghe Bârjovanu, Ion Creţu
Calculation of the Hydraulic Parameters afferent to Fluid Distribution through Closed-type Pipe Networks
Gheorghe Bârjovanu, Eugen Mihail Ionescu, Corina Teodorescu, Ion Creţu
The Implementation of a Wind Energy System at Constanţa Maritime University
Feiza Memet*, Osman Kamil Sag**
Electrochemical Surface Characterization of Diamond-like Carbon Deposited on Biomedical 316L Stainless Steel
Mihai Iordoc*, Elena Petrache*, Gheorghe Ioniţă**, Elena Valentina Stoian**
Some Aspects Regarding the Isolating Method for Elastic Bodies
Şerban Vasilescu
The Construction of Intersection Points between a Straight Line and an Ellipsoid
Lavinia S. Stanciu, Nicoleta F. Rizea
On the Positional Analysis of a Mitsubishi Robot System with Six Degrees of Freedom
Dorin Bădoiu
Easy-to-use Mathcad Computer Methods for Interconversion of Petroleum Distillation Curves. Part 1: ASTM - TBP (True Boiling Point)
Liviu Filotti
Designing and Building a CNC Router Using Stepper Motors
Ion Nae, Tiberiu Andrei
Casing Deflection and Bow-Spring Centralizer Spacing Calculations
Alexandru Pupăzescu, Neculai Macovei, Lavinia Stanciu
The Use of Terrestrial Experience in the Domain of Trial Boring during the Well Water Drilling on the Mars Surface
Lazăr Avram, Marius Stan
Dynamic System Composed of Topdrive and Drill Pipe
Marius Stan, Lazăr Avram
Application of Variance Analysis in the Study for Obtaining Advanced Polymeric Materials
Alexandru Isaic-Maniu*, Sanda Vişan*, Florica Ionescu**
Iron (III) Chloride as Coagulation Agent in Cooling Waters
Ileana Cameniţă, Maria Moraru, Alexandra Şchiopescu
Implementation of a New Exemplification Informatics Analyses regarding the Industrial Technological Processing of the Domestic Oilducts
Ion Răican
The Characterization of Cooling Waters by Using Stability Indexes
Maria Moraru, Ileana Cameniţă, Alexandra Şchiopescu
Neuro-fuzzy Controller for Mobile Robot
Cristina Popescu
Practical Applications Performed by a Stepper Motor CNC Router
Tiberiu Andrei, Ion Nae
Journal INFO (ISSN 1224-8495)
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