Vol. LXII • No. 1B/2010
Education as Seduction Process
Emil Stan
The Pragmatic Explanation in Educational Sciences. A Possible Approach for a School Culture Design Theory
Maria Butucea
Understanding - Centre of the Intercultural Education
Gabriel Albu
The Impact of the Intercultural Values in the Romanian Education Legislation
Roxana Enache*, Adina Pescaru**
Motivation and Loyalty in Educational Organizations
Ion-Ovidiu Pânisoara*, Georgeta Pânisoara
The Study of Environmental Education in Universities from Germany. Ways and Means of Evaluation of the Perception of the Urban Environment Condition in Romania
Helena Maria Sabo
The Comparative Approach in Religious Education
Hrisanti Bulugea
Universalism in America: A Religious Perspective
Luo Jinsheng
A Meta-Analysis of Some Memory Characteristics
Cristian Vasile
The Students' Socialization - A Real and Actual Challenge for the School Organization
Adriana Rîşnoveanu
Inclusive Education - Key Aspects, Dilemmas and Controversies
Alina Mărgăriţoiu
Contents of Psycho-Pedagogical Counselling for Students with High Abilities
Teodora Drăghicioiu
Physical Athletic Exercise Performed with the Purpose of Preventing and Correcting Light Physical Deficiencies during Physical Education Lessons
Marin Finichiu
School Readiness of Children in the View of Preschool Pedagogues
Eva Smelová*, Eva Souralová**
Competent Teachers for the Knowledge Society - A New Master Program
Mihaela Singer*, Ligia Sarivan**, Pieter de Vries***, Arnold Muhren****
The Enterprising University and Secondary Education: Making the Connection
Pieter de Vries*, Barbara Marx**
The Media Culture and the Education
Georgeta Marghescu
The Front and the Back Side of the Coin Called Mass-Media
Valentin Morgovan
The Role of the Media in the Emergence of Prosocial Behaviour
Răzvan-Lucian Andronic*, Anca Andronic**
The Role of Mentoring in the Professional Debut of the Teaching Staff
Claudiu Langa
Continuing Professional Training, Integrative Part of Lifelong Learning
Sorina-Mihaela Mardar
(Inter)active Learning - Value and Applicability
Venera-Mihaela Cojocariu
A New Approach of e-Learning Education Using Blogging
Veselina Nedeva*, Dimitar Nedev**
Two Scenarios for Problem Solving and Pro-algebraic Reasoning Development in Primary School Children
Marianne Ducharme, Elena Polotskaia*
Is NLP Applicable to ELT?
Bahadir Bozoğlan
Cross-Cultural Pragmatic and its Relations to Using Culture to Teach Foreign Languages
Ahmet Çekiç*
The Coordinative Capacities Development of Students by Applying Movement Games During the Physical Education Classes
Anamaria Constantinescu, Mirela Dulgheru*
Motor Learning in the Physical Education and Sport Vision
Marius Vaida
Adjusting the Attitude of Students and the Guidance Side of the Character in Physical Education Lesson
Elena Lupu
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