Vol. LXII • No. 1A/2010
Mass Media and Education
Emil Stan*, Roxana Enache**, Adina Pescaru***, Cristina Safta****
The Challenges and Opportunities in the Existence of Internet as Rapid Mass Media and for Education
Ranjit Shraman
Education for the Media
Mircea Baganagiu*, Daniela Nistor**
The Informative - Formative Valences of Multimedia Technologies in the Intercultural Education Framework
Stan Panţuru
From Mass Media and Education to Mass Media Education
Cristian Vasile
Mass Media - A Choice in Our Transforming as People
Roxana Enache *, Adina Pescaru**, Emil Stan***, Cristina Safta****
The Influences of Introducing New Types of Education over Human Factor Psycho-individual Development
Elvira Nica*, Gheorghe H. Popescu**
The Influence of Media on Education - a Socio-Psycho-Pedagogical Approach
Ana-Maria Petrescu
Social Education through Mass Media-between Necessity and Possibility
Mihaela Gabriela Neacşu
Technology - Socializing Factor for Individual
Alina-Maria Costin
Socio-psychological Impact of Media on Children
Georgiana Dumitru
The Impact of Computer and Internet on the Young Students - An Ascertaining Research
Emilia Mureşan*, Horaţiu Catalano, Muşata Bocoş**
Aspects Regarding Mass-Media Influence on the Values Education of Secondary Education Pupils
Liliana Ezechil*, Petruţa Coman
The Role of Television in the Inter-Cultural Education of Adolescents by Promoting Cultural Models
Cornelia Cocan
Considerations on the Impact of Television and Internet over the Children's and Teenagers' Behavior
Mihaela Păişi Lăzărescu
Education and Media in the Postmodern Pedagogy
Cătălina Gabriela Cristea
Harmful Effects of the Mass-Media on the Human Personality
Ramona-Cristina Pachef
The Internet as a Means of Pseudo - Intellectual Formation?
Mihaela Badea*, Diana Presadă
The Impact of Mass Media upon Aggressiveness
Simona Eftimie *, Mihaela Suditu **, Alina Mărgăriţoiu ***
The Banishment
Cătălina Ciobanu
The Impact of a Radio Broadcast about Spiritual Life on Training Human Personality. A Case Study
Bogdan Constantin Neculau
Promoting the Human Values Beyond Prejudice and Stereotypes
Marius-Costel Eşi
Teachers among Journalists
Gabriel Albu
New Media for Better Teachers - the Story of Masterprof
Ligia Sarivan*, Florence Mihaela Singer**
Mass Media's Influence on Developing the Professional Competences and Attitudes Regarding the Didactic Career - Study of impact
Claudiu Marian Bunăiaşu*, Răzvan Călin**
Pedagogical Dimension of Integrating 3D Means within the Initial and Continuous Training of Teachers
Mihai Stanciu*, Carmen-Olguţa Brezuleanu**
The Impact of Self-Efficacy and Locus of Control on the Professional Development of the Teachers
Aurora Adina Ignat* Otilia Clipa**
Using Blogs in Foreign Language Teaching
Corina-Amelia Georgescu
Multimedia Based Teaching Techniques
Nadia Mirela Florea
An Awesome Online Presentation Tool - Prezi
Teodora Daniela Chicioreanu
The Perception of Teachers on Integrating Informal Strategies in Primary Education
Mihaela Păiși Lăzărescu*, Loredana Tudor**, Magdalena Stan***
Educational Platform - Information Means in the Musical Area
Nelida Nedelcuţ*, Carmen Plaian**
The Basis and Applications of the Whole Language Approach to ELT
Ahmet Çekiç
Communication and Mass-media - from Information to Formation
Răzvan-Alexandru Călin *, Claudiu Bunăiaşu **
Information Permeability - Essential to Structure the Communicative Act
Cristina Gelan
Educational Situations in the Context of Electronic Communications
Carmen Alexandrache
New Forms of Human Resources Development: e-Learning in Education
Nicoleta Valentina Florea
Changes in the e-Learning with WIKI
Veselina Nedeva*, Dimitar G. Nedev**
The Impact of Online Journalism on Society
Tasenţe Tănase
E.U. Involvement in The Process of Continuous Development and the Role of the Media in the Absorption of Funds for Education
Alina Gabriela Brezoi*, George Brezoi**
A New Challenge for Engineering Higher Education: the Development of Transversal Competencies
Crişan Alina*, Crişan Liviu**
Contribution of National, Area and Local Mass Media Means to the Problematic of Sports in Brăila City and County
Lucian - Florin Măzărescu*, Traian Ovidiu Pintiliescu**
Medieval Chronicle - Forerunner of the Romanian Written Journalism. Social Implications, Cultural-Educative Influences
Carmen Alexandrache
At What Age Should Foreign Language Education Begin?
Bahadır Bozoğlan
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