Vol LXI • No. 3/2009 (Special Issue SPC 2009)
Annotated Logic Program EVALPSN Based Process Order Control
Kazumi Nakamatsu
Complex Adaptive Systems Focused Intelligent Manufacturing
Aurelian Mihai Stănescu, Mihnea Alexandru Moisescu, Ioan Ștefan Sacală, Irina Lolu
Biologically Inspired Optimization Methods – A Review
Petia Koprinkova-Hristova
New Trends in Neuro-Fuzzy System Identification and Control
Yiannis Boutalis
Image to Sound Conversion: a Neural Approach
Adrian G. Moise*, Adrian Ionuț Constantin**
Feedforward Control System Design by Limiting the Control Signal Magnitude Ratio
Vasile Cîrtoaje
Hydraulic System Modelling for an Intensive Aquaculture Process in Recycled Regime
Emil Ceangă, Sergiu Caraman, Marian Barbu
Intelligent Optimization Method for Batch Fermentation Processes' Initial Conditions
Petia Koprinkova-Hristova*, Mihail Angelov**, Georgi Kostov**, Monica Mironescu***, Silviya Popova*
Considerations about RFID Systems Vulnerabilities
Nicolae Paraschiv*, Toader Melinte**, Emil Pricop*
An Adjusted Mathematical Model for Realistic Road Traffic Simulation
Gabriel Rădulescu
Temperature Monitoring System with Integrated Sensors
Gabriela Bucur, Constantin Gaucă
Analysis of a Two-Coordinate Driving System Aiming at Performance Improvement
Mikho Mikhov, Ivan Tatarov
New Protection Systems, a Prerequisite for “Smart” Electric Power Systems
Ioana Făgărăsan, Sergiu St. Iliescu, Nicoleta Arghira, Daniel Costianu
Wheeled Mobile Robot Control Using Virtual Pheromones
Ioan Susnea, Adrian Filipescu, Adriana Filipescu, George Coman
Modeling Methodology Based on Neural Networks Applied to an Electrochemical Treatment Wastewater Process
Ciprian-George Piuleac, Silvia Curteanu, Florin Leon
Model Predictive Control of the Wastewater Treatment Plant Based on the Benchmark Simulation Model No.1-BSM1 with Reactive Secondary Settler
George Simion Ostace, Vasile Mircea Cristea, Paul Serban Agachi
Project Management Based on Technology Modelling Applied in Transportation Safety
George Stan, Anda Iosif
Systems for Training and Evaluation Assisted by Computer (STEAC) from Tradition to Innovation
Stelian Dumitrescu, Iuliana Dobre
Optimal Fuzzy Analysis of Manufacturing Systems
Eugenia Mincă, Otilia Dragomir, Florin Dragomir, Veronica Stefan
Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm Used for Optimization of the Siloxane-Siloxane Copolymers Synthesis
Renata Furtună, Silvia Curteanu, Florin Leon
MP and LQ Control with Compensation of Dead Zone for a Real Time Experiment
Andreea Soimu, Florin Stîngă, Dan Popescu
Encryption Algorithms Design using Programmable Logic Circuits
Otilia Cangea, Cristina Popescu
Analysis of the Nonlinearities in the Hydraulic Actuators
Alexandru Popa*, Cătălin Teodoriu*, Cristina Popa**
The Steady-State Modeling and Simulation of a Heat Exchanger
Cristian Pătrăscioiu*, Valentina Ioan**
Using Reinforcement Learning in the Adaptive Fuzzy Controller
Gabriela Moise, Florentina Alina Chircu
Advanced Control of an Industrial Process
Alina-Simona Băiesu
Temperature Measuring with Thermocouple and USB Data Acquisition Module
Nicolae Pătrăscoiu, Adrian Marius Tomus
The Possibility of Hybrid Genetic Algorithms and Standard Methods Optimization
Marius Olteanu, Nicolae Paraschiv
Automatic Test Facility for the Wellbore Cement Integrity
Alexandru Popa, Cătălin Teodoriu
Automatically Monitoring System of Renewable Energy Sources
Constantin Stoica
Hierarchical Control of a Fractionation Column using HC900 Controller
Marian Popescu
Modeling and Simulating Reactive Distillation from Control Perspective
Ioana-Luiza Georgescu
Program to Determine Optimum Operating Parameters to Control the Induction Machine Used in Some Electrical Drives
Cornel Ianache*, Boris Siro*, Ștefania Iordache**
Implementation of Target-Reaching and Obstacles-Avoiding Behaviors for a Mobile Robot
Cristina Popescu, Otilia Cangea
Experimenting with Visualization on Desktop Grids
Zoran Constantinescu*, Monica Vlădoiu**
Self-programming Autonomous Mobile Robots
Alexandru Cristian Georgescu
Bluetooth Solution Proposed in Control Networking
Silviu Popovici
Neural Network Model – Based Predictive Control System for the Reactor of FCC
Cristina Popa
Wireless Seismic Sensor for Monitoring a Geographical Region
Vasile Buruiană
Considerations about MTTF and the Meaning of This Term to the Customer
Mihai Ciobotea*, Costin Taporea**
Regarding Capabilities of Real –Time Programming Platforms CTask, Java and QNX
Eduard Valentin Nită
Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Energy Balance Forecasting
Florin Dragomir, Otilia Dragomir, Eugenia Mincă
Experimental Study for Intelligent Stability Control of Low Voltage Electrical Networks with PD-RES using Fuzzy Controllers
Florin Dragomir*, Nicolae Olariu*, Sergiu Stelian Iliescu**
Proposal of Hierarchical Control System for Petrochemical Sour Gas Amine Treating Unit
Daniel Mihăescu
Using the Simulink Control Design in Speed Controller Tuning
Alexandru Săvulescu
A Neural Networks Application for Banking Decision Support
Irina Tudor
Modeling and Simulation of the Optimal Control System for the Jibissa Natural Gas Treating Plant
Issa Rabahi, Cristian Pătrăscioiu, Mihaela Petre
Improvements in the Command and Control of the Processes for a Sand Drying Plant
Octavian Ionescu, Gabriela Ionescu
Protection of Critical Information Infrastructures by Means of Context-aware Services
Marian Costea
An ANN Based Flood Prediction System
Alexandra Matei
Improving a Traditional SCADA System with DCS – ABB Freelance 800F
Daniela Ditu
Using Artificial Neural Networks in a Pattern Recognition Control System
Daniela Schiopu
A Robust Method for Object Classification Based on Back-Propagation Neural Networks
Bogdan Vasilescu
Algorithm for Estimating the Area of Complex 3D Surfaces from 2D Images
Zoltan Borsos, Octavian Dinu, Grigore Ruxanda, Stancu Mihaela
Medical Diagnosis Based on Image Analysis and Processing
Dobre Iuliana
Artificial Intelligence applied in Air Pollution Forecast
Elia Georgiana Petre
The Optimization of Data Transfer in Industrial Networks: a Point of View
Nadia Neagu
Power Supply and Cableless Communication in a Smart Well
Alexandru D. Cojan, Constantin G. Popa
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