Vol. LX • No. 1B/2008
Determinative factors of interpersonal cooperative behaviour
Cristina ? Corina Benţea
Emotional Intelligence and Aggression
Roxana-Ioana Hosu, Laura Elena Nastasa
Interpersonal influence techniques: compliance and the illusion of self-determination
Petru-Mădălin Constantinescu
Psychological implications of the school attitude in school success
Mihaela Păişi Lăzărescu
The role of genders in scholar learning
Alina-Maria Paraschiva
Managing violent and disruptive students
Georgiana Dumitru
Minors delinquents' vulnerability towards recidivism
Mihai Ioan Micle, Doina Ştefana Săucan, Aurora Liiceanu
Extra-school environment's influences on Gipsy pupils' creativity
Ecaterina Maria Unianu
Applications of multiple intelligence theory in developing new techniques of training (instruction) in primary school (I- IV)
Ramona Ştefana Petrovan
Emotional intelligence and marital satisfaction
Cristina Elena Pantaziu, Laura Elena Nastasa
Teambuilding ? a psychophysical education for personal development and entrepreneurial formation
Ghiocel Bota, Şerban Derlogea
Identity Structures variation at the third age
Cristian Vasile
The place of the Star-Wave test and its functions as a psychological instrument
Magdalena Dumitrana
Drawing ? means of communicating children's inner world
Ramona Henter
Abilities - main premises and component part of the social integration in relation with IQ
Vanda Stoichiţă
Stress reactivity and didactic communication
Alina Mărgăriţoiu
Effects of professional stress on the quality of life
Laura Poantă, Dan L. Dumitraşcu
Psychological aspects and peculiar comportment associated with blood and bleeding syndromes
Ecaterina Hanganu
Quality of life in cardiovascular diseases
Mihai D. Porojan, Dan L. Dumitraşcu
Performance Management in the Institution of Physical Education and Sports
Silviu Cioroiu, Ioan Turcu
Management in the Institution of Oxygene consumption at swimmers
Silviu Gabriel Cioroiu
The activity of psyhological assistance of sportsmen and its applications on unsportsmanlike people
Mirela Dulgheru, Marcel Deacu
Evaluation methods off the effort in physical education classes on the basis of athletic means
Marin Finichiu
The study of physical condition ? somatic development correlation at students from Petroluem ? Gas University from Ploiesti
Marin Finichiu
Orientations with the aim of improving physical education activities for classes I-IV
Elena Lupu
Games involving physical exercise and their role in the harmonious development of children
Elena Lupu
Quality management in physical education and sport
Viorel Oprea, Marius Vaida
Economical Aspects of Investments in Sport Facilities
Suzana Nikolić*, Jonel Subić**, Claudiu Cicea***
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