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Jus et Civitas – A Journal of Social and Legal Studies is the continuator of Buletinul Universităţii Petrol-Gaze din Ploieşti, Ştiinţe Socio-Umane şi Juridice Series, as stipulated in Decision no 3485/ 23 September 2015 taken by the Administration Board of the Petroleum – Gas University. Starting with 2009, it has been acknowledged as a top academic journal by Romania's National Council for Higher Education Research (CNCSIS) and it has kept its status so far. Jus et Civitas welcomes interdisciplinary approaches, ranging across social and legal studies, philosophy and cultural studies, as well as other disciplines in the humanities.

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ISSN 2360 – 4026
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Editorial Board

Editor-in-chief: Viorel CERNICA
Editor: Gheorghe CALCAN
Executive Editors: Cătălina-Ştefania SZEKELY, Dana VOLOSEVICI, Dragoș GRIGORESCU

Editorial correspondence should be addressed to the Editor:

Jus et Civitas
Universitatea Petrol – Gaze Ploiesti
Corp J, sala 308
39 Bucuresti, Blvd
Ploiesti, Romania

Electronic contributions are welcome, as Word document files. Please do not submit articles in pdf format. Please anonymise your file as all papers are read, both internally and externally, in an anonymised format. Submission to the Jus etCivitas is taken as a continuing representation that the article is not under consideration by any other journal. Papers in excess of 12,000 words, inclusive of footnotes, will not be considered for publication, nor will papers already under consideration elsewhere.

Exclusive Licence Form

Authors will be required to sign an Exclusive Licence Form (ELF) for all papers accepted for publication.Signature of the ELF is a condition of publication and papers will not be passed to the publisher for production unless a signed form has been received. Please note that signature of the Exclusive Licence Form does not affect ownership of copyright in the material. After submission authors will retain the right to publish their paper in various media/circumstances (please see the form for further details). To assist authors an appropriate form will be supplied by the editorial office.

Journal INFO (ISSN 2360-4026)
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